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all from simply using the innovative, convenient Squatty Potty®.
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Easy, 100% Natural Solution & Effective

Squatty PottyR is a carefully designed toilet stool that puts YOU in exactly the correct position for fast, easy elimination,
keeps ITSELF out of the way when not in use.



Primary constipation is a consequence of habitual bowel elimination on common toilet seats. A considerable proportion of the population has difficulty emptying their bowels, the principal cause of which is the obstructive nature of the recto-anal angle and its association with the sitting posture normally used in defecation.?
Anorectal Angle


The Science Is Simple

Sitting kinked colon and blocking the flow of waste

sitting stops the flow
we are designed to squat to eliminate
squatty potty opens the colon
Kinked Colon Squat to eliminate Squatty Potty Open Colon
The puborectalis muscle partially relaxes, keeping the colon kinked and blocking the flow of waste.
Humans have squatted for millennia - until the advent of the modern toilet.
The puborectalis muscle fully relaxes allowing the colon to empty quickly and completely.


Squatty Potty® Toilet Stool is easy to use and highly effective in positioning the colon for effortless bowel movements .

Squatty Potty Ecco Toilet Stool

Squatty Ecco
Our Price : $68


Patented Design

Ergonomic Design
‧ mimics natural squat posture
‧ slightly raised heel for comfort
‧ wide stance platform for stability
‧ opens the colon for fast, easy eliminatio
+ strong & durable
+ stores under any toilet
+ doctor recommended
+ family-friendly
Provides Relief
- constipation & bloating
- hemorrhoids & straining
- IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
- pelvic floor & bladder issues


5 Problems with Sitting on Your Toilet

#1: Constipation

Let’s face it: most of us don’t get the fiber we need in our diets. It’s true. And we fail to get all the water we need as well. These two things along with improper toilet posture which doesn’t allow us to eliminate completely is a bad combination that creates hard dry stools. These hard dry stools are very hard to push out. It’s called constipation, and we’ve all experienced it. Unfortunately, it’s the norm for altogether too many of us. But that’s just the beginning…


#2: Hemorrhoids

Getting those hard stools out calls for lots of pushing. And that pressure causes hemorrhoids, which can be very painful. Hemorrhoids are inflamed anal varicose veins that have swollen because of our need to push excessively to get those hard stools to pass. And as bad as hemorrhoids are, they aren’t the worst of our potential problems.


#3: Colon Disease

Eliminating completely and often helps maintain good colon health. Many studies point to fecal buildup in the colon as a cause of diseases including colon cancer. And when there is buildup in the colon, our bodies can’t absorb all the nutrients from the food we eat, leaving us without the energy we could enjoy if our colons were healthy.


#4: Urinary Difficulty/Infections

Urinary flow is usually stronger and easier when women squat to urinate. The bladder is emptied more completely when squatting rather than sitting or “hovering”. Squatting can help reduce episodes of urinary tract infections in both frequency and intensity. Now, that is good news!


#5: Pelvic Floor Issues

One of the main causes of this condition is straining on the toilet. The “sitting” position causes a great amount of pressure on the anorectal Angle of the colon causing the lower part of the colon to drop and protrude into the wall of the vagina. Pelvic floor nerves can be protected by squatting for bowel elimination. Men can also suffer from pelvic floor disorders and can readily benefit from using the Squatty Potty as a part of their everyday routine.


The 7" Squatty Potty® is our best seller and perfect for all Squatters, new to squatting and/or standard size toilets.(14"-15")

How To Measure Toilet Height:?


Standard Height Toilet (14"-15" tall)

‧ 7" Squatty Potty stores best under this toilet
‧ 7" Squatty Potty is great for all squatters

Measure from floor to the top of the bowl, seat lifted to determine if you have a standard or comfort height toilet


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Squatty Potty® Ecco Toilet Stool

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