• Rosemary oil has been extensively used and studied since ancient times for a variety of health benefits. Today, it is included in many medicinal preparations, with many potential offerings.
  • The versatility of rosemary essential oil makes is so widely used in aromatherapy as an aroma in many combinations.

Widely known in the Mediterranean region for its culinary and herbal benefits and has ?been extensively used for a wealth of health and wellness purposes.


* Lava is an amazing stone. 
It has a naturally porous nature makes it the perfect medium for diffusing Essential Oils and can hold a scent for several days.  Lava begins as mineral-rich, molten magma deep within the earth that makes way to the surface through eruptions and massive floes.  Thus it embodies the extremely rare elemental combination of passionate FIRE and grounding EARTH.  Lava has been used for centuries, by many cultures, for its potent balancing, protective and healing properties.   From an aesthetic point of view we find the matte finish of Lava makes whatever it is combined with visually come alive. Lava can be man-made and colored, but we prefer it pristine in hues from brown to black. 

01 15ml bottle of Young Living Rosemary Essential Oil
01 lava-stone key chain
65gms in weight
Round box ĄV 12cm in circumference and
6cm in height

Rosemary Essential Oil With Lava Stone Key Chain Gift Pack

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