Originally created in Japan to assist with salary men checking their upper body appearance before meetings, the convenience of compact but wide-angle viewing have been combined into this nifty little tool suitable for all ages.
Mirrors were once cumbersome and even with compact mirrors weren’t exactly compact in your favorite little handbag. 
This mirror is the future when it comes to quick and easy grooming. Now you can check the appearance of your upper body and neatness of clothing without tilting your mirror at awkward angles.

Divided into two segments, its regular portion works as per normal mirrors while its fish-eye portion provides its viewer with up to 80 degrees wide-angle viewing and allows upper body viewing.


  • Card size, handy to carry around.
  • Provides its viewer with up to 80 degrees wide-angle viewing.
  • To assist checking your upper body appearances and neatness of clothing before meetings.
  • Nifty little tool suitable of all ages.
  • Safe to use for kids & elderly as it is flexible.
  • Many use for personal safety & watching out for children
  • Can be utilised as a safety device for adventurers by flashing the suns reflection to attract attention of rescuers.
Mirror Benefit

Mirror Benefit


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Wide-Angle Film Mirror

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