Contoured Bed Wedge Support Pillow for Reading or Sleeping Elevated.
A natural Remedy for GERD (Gastro esophageal Reflux Disease)

Gently angled foam wedge cushion with contoured surface to provide support for spine and minimize pressure on the lower vertebrae. Adjustable from 14 to 10 degrees. Scalloped top surface provides a safer sleeping position for those who want or need to sleep or rest in an elevated position. Elevates and supports the upper body, allows easier breathing and digestion.
It can also be used for elevation of legs and feet Perfect for reading in bed or couch, sleeping, or simply relaxing in an elevated position. Very useful for the prevention of GERD Contoured bedwedges for reading in bed.

Clever design

  • Minimise pressure: The angle and surface contour minimizes pressure on lower back and buttocks.
  • Secure: Contoured scalloped surface moulds to body's contours giving the user a secure feeling.
  • Designed to be used with a low pillow.
  • Adjustable: Height and angle can be changed by removing an internal wedge to lower the bed wedge


Bed Wedge Relaxer Recliner - A good night's sleep

'Bed Wedge - Relaxer Recliner' has been designed to care for your body while relaxing or sleeping. It's angle and contours have been carefully conceived to minimise pressure to the weight-bearing lower vertebrae.
Its generous width and contour means it can be comfortably and safely used for sleeping. Gently scalloped areas mould to the body's contours to give that secure feeling. Ideal for nursing homes, hospitals, and at home.
Unlike acutely angled smaller wedges, that actually increase the load on the lower back, Contoured Bed Wedge is angled at the medically accepted 15Degree icon
Now with an internal foam wedge which can be removed to lower the angle from 14Degree icon to approximately 10Degree icon
Contoured Bedwedges Support Pillow for Good Night Sleep

Bed Wedge - Relaxer Recliner' has many uses

Encourages correct spinal alignment and provides body hugging support, Thus helping relieve back conditions which cause pain and stress.

Hospitals and Nursing Homes:
'Bed Wedge - Relaxer Recliner' is ideal for those persons suffering medical conditions requiring an angled sleeping position.
It's angle was arrived at after consultation with health specialists to find the most appropriate slope and contours. Very good for the treatment of GERD and other disorders. 

Bed wedge is perfect for sleeping on:
The 'Bed Wedge - Relaxer Recliner' is designed for use with a low pillow to ensure the neck is in line with the spine's natural curvature. Eliminates the need for a bed riser.

Watch TV in bed  and be supported:
Convalescents and accident victims find it impossible to watch TV from a flat position. With the Contoured Bed Wedge you are immediately in the perfect position to read or to watch television in bed.

Contured Bed Wedge Support Pillow for Reading or Sleeping Elevated

Available in Quilted versions.

Bedwedge Relaxer Recliner

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